What to Order at a Steakhouse

What to Order at a SteakhouseAn evening at a steakhouse can be a great meal to spend someone, whether it is a special occasion, a date, birthday, and anniversary or just because it is definitely a treat to enjoy. To make the most out of the great dinner at the steakhouse follow this guideline.

  • Soup or Salad-For soup considers what the restaurant has on the soup of the day. For a salad a nice Caesar salad with just enough dressing is a perfect starter.
  • The Appetizer – A great appetizer that will help tease the taste buds before the main course entre is something that isn’t too heavy. Try something like shrimps, crab stuffed portabellas, zucchini, bruschetta, chicken wings or some garlic bread.
  • Entrée- Just because you are going to a steak house doesn’t mean that you only should have steak there are a lot of other options available to. For chicken entrée selections consider a nicely prepared chicken in meals like chicken parmigiana, chicken Milanese or Mediterranean chicken. Other no steak options include veal or seafood options. Some great seafood entrees are glazed salmons, shrimp, or scampi. For a steak, since you are after all at a steak house here are some further things to consider;
    • What cut of meat? Depending on what you are expecting from the meal you will want to order different types of meat cuts. For more tender cuts of meat consider these choice; tenderloins, top sirloin, and the New York Strip. Chuck is usually on the more tender side but it is higher in fat. If you aren’t worried about the tenderness as much as you are about the flavor consider a chuck cut of meat. For the tougher meats hat can be more tasty when slow cooked to perfection consider these; the brisket, bottom sirloin, flanks and shanks. After you decide upon the cut of meat the next thing to think of is how you would like that cut of meat prepared. With these temp options, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Rare is mostly red throughout the middle, medium rare is about half way red throughout medium has a touch of red, medium well is pink and well done has a brown center.
  • The Sides-A good pairing for most steaks is to have a starch for a side and a vegetable for the other side. A great baked potato and a side of greens or carrots is a nice balance to the meal.
  • Drinks-To compliment the steak as best possible always ask your waiter for examples for the type of food you ordered. Some of the options that typically always compliment well, for beef try a dry red wine like a Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon. For chicken entries a Zinfandel or Burgundy wines. With seafood consider a pinot gris to complete it.
  • Dessert-For dessert anything goes, whether you are feeling like a chocolate lava cake or a creamy cheese cake it can be the perfect sweet end to a delicious dinner.