New York Style Foods

One of the favorite parts of visiting New York is the variety of dining experiences you can have.  Many try to capture that same food feeling at home.  From elegant meals to great pubs or a cafe found in the east village there New York offers a variety of dining experiences and styles of food.  When you return home after vacation one of things that you want to bring with you is new food options.  Here are some great New York style foods you can enjoy at home while remembering the even better taste of them back in New York:

  • Of course New York brings to mind the famous New York style pizza.  Just like everything else, the pizza seems bigger in New York and with so many varieties to choose from, it’s not surprising that many popular pizza chains offer New York style pizza.  Whether you order out or learn to make it at home you’ll always enjoy eating a New York style pizza that seems larger than life.
  • A great bring home meal that is reminiscent of New York is a great deli sandwich or sub.  From New York style pastrami to a famous meatball sub this one can be easily recreated at home with the right ingredients.  From the perfect meats to the right sandwich breads and buns you can easily enjoy your favorite New York sub right in your own kitchen.
  • Hot dogs are a national favorite, and there are many different varieties to be found in New York.  The best hot dogs in New York are found at the dining carts located throughout the city.  From the style of hot dog to the variety of toppings, nothing beats a great hot dog as an afternoon snack or quick on the go meal.
  • Don’t forget about the Manhattan clam chowder.  A local and tourist favorite, learning to make chowder at home can bring back the feeling of a visit to the bustling city.  No matter how you make it, you’ll always be thinking about the chowder you had back in Manhattan during your visit to New York.
  • Don’t forget about the treats and desserts to be found in New York.  Other New York favorites include bagels, pretzels, ice cream, doughnuts, and the ever popular black and white cookie or New York style cheesecake.  Finish off the day right with just the right sweet treat.  New York style cheesecake has become a dessert staple across the country, and the black and white cookie was made popular in New York.  Your sweet tooth will be happy dining on memories made of delicious tastes.

When in New York there are so many different things to experience.  Dining is one of the best ways to experience the ambiance and the flavors that are New York.  Try out the many world renowned favorites as well as a few suggested by the locals and you’ll soon be looking for ways to recreate your favorite New York meals when you get back home.