Eating Healthier in 2014

Eating Healthier in 2014It is a brand new year and like the start of all new years, it is time to make those New Year’s resolutions. Most resolutions have to do with things such as saving money, time management, spending more time with family, or getting organized. However, probably the most commonly expressed resolution that resounds year after year is the resolution to get healthier. People do try. They start the year out eating only salads and getting their gym membership. Unfortunately, the reason that many people keep making this resolution year after year is because they failed to get healthy in the previous year. It is time to stop this vicious cycle and let 2014 be the year to get healthy.

One of the best ways to get healthy and stay healthy in 2014 is to make small, gradual changes. After all, a person can only eat so much salad before he makes a beeline for the nearest fast food restaurant. One simple thing that everyone can do in the new year to improve his health is change the way he purchases his meat products. Harvestland is a family run company committed to selling only the best chicken, pork, and turkey products. Their chickens, pigs, and turkeys are never given antibiotics or steroids. They are also fed a vegetarian diet that is free from animal by-products. In addition, their livestock are not confined to cages. The result is healthier livestock, which, in turn, is healthier meat.

There has been a lot of research done in the past couple of years to show the negative effects on health because of eating animals that were given steroids and antibiotics. It also shows the negative effects of eating animals that were fed animal by-products. It is simply against nature to do these things to the animals, and, as a result, it is affecting people’s overall health.

Harvestland’s website,, is a great resource to use. It explains the family’s beginnings in the company, and their beliefs in delivering only the finest and healthiest chicken, turkey, and pork to consumers at a competitive cost. It is worth reading to help jump start healthy eating habits for this year. It is a simple change in diet, but it is one that can have a lasting effect on one’s health. The only problem the individual will now have is to get the motivation to go to the gym.